Why should you care about your sitting posture?

Why should you care about your sitting posture?

We all have been blaming lack of exercise as the main reason for back pain, neck pain and body stiffness. However, the silent culprit is none other than your traditional office chair. The 9am-5pm standard office hours can appear more tiresome if you end up sitting in an uncomfortable seat throughout the day. You do not need an expert advice to deal the chair issues. In order to ensure greater productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction at work, secure a comfortable chair.

Typical and traditional office chairs have found a place in most offices. However, sitting in such chairs for prolonged period adds to lot of physical problem. These issues might include poor blood circulation, slow metabolic syndrome, blood clots and increased risk of heart diseases in addition to neck stiffness, body ache and shoulder pain. Lack of movement and activity has lead to severe back pain, soreness, muscle tension and diabetes to name a few. Poorly crafted chairs increase a person’s likelihood to slouch in order to seek comfort but the pain that follows can be damaging.

Get an ergonomic office chair or lumbar support equipment

The first thing to do is to throw out chairs with flat backs and get an ergonomically qualified chair. Most office chairs have no curved back support. The chair should make the lower spine curve forwards and the upper back curved backwards. However, every human body is different and an adjustable chair which supports the spine at right places is necessary. Even the old chairs can easily be fitted with lumbar support tools to provide lower back support.

Increase office mobility

Move around every 20 minutes instead of sitting for long hours. The human body is made for movement and not moving for a long time can cause muscle pain and back pain. Even the auto – reflexes kick in and one starts to move their thighs constantly or yawn or fidget. Therefore, it is imperative that movement be a part of daily routine. Not only does it improve the posture, but also increases metabolism and improves productivity. Workers with a comfortable chair and a good quality of work movement are more efficient. Even if you are unable to switch chairs at this moment, just stretching the legs a bit or doing neck exercises can help.

Improve your posture through exercise

One of the major reasons for back pain and health hazards arising due to long hours of seating is incorrect posture. By sitting in the natural alignment of the spine, one can have a reduced complaint of back pains. Sitting in this posture can reduce nerve pinching and spinal pressure. At the office desk, itself one can practice it by pulling the shoulders back and flat back against the office chair.

Other alternatives

In order to resolve the pain caused by poorly designed chairs, look for fun and healthier alternatives which allow you to move around and swift positions. Choose a seating for multiple people and conserve area. Resort to install swings and hammocks, buoy, swopper and muvman. These provide a great combination of stability with height adjustment features giving you freedom from all body pain. In addition, try to keep the screen of the computer at eye level to avoid neck pain.

Self monitor yourself

Set reminders, keep a note of your neck, and back pain and how long you were sitting. Measure all factors that help you in rectifying your posture. Just by doing this one will get conscious enough to correct your habits, but can also help determine patterns in your routine which cause such pain.