Glory / Atrium / Fantasy / Glamour

Either you will love them; or you'll really love them. As the name suggests, these single seaters seem straight out of a fantasy, fairy tale or a dream. Not to mention their superb contours and interesting colors that take them a notch above the ordinary.

Slit / Unique / Royal / Ellora

Haute comes to sofas with these masterpieces that are marked with high arm rests and pillow back support. Needless to mention the teakwood frame that adds to their fashion quotient.

Candy / Nick / Anchor / Benzy

Tell them who the boss is without saying it. Created for those in control, these single seaters sofas reflect a commanding personality with grace.

Spice / Hacker / Aroma / Drape

A dynamic and contemporary look marks this series in sofas to make it apt for offices, lounge areas, et al, that voice a go-getting attitude.

Frenchline / Neos / Solitaire / Laurel / Fraise

What's life without a little bit of colour? This series in sofas splashes oodles of colors in solids and stripes. Choose one to match your tastebuds.

Lilac / Topaz/ Comforty / Florence

Turn your reception in to a tourist destination with this high-on-demand sofa sets that guarantee eye-balls.

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