Oliva / Apium / Chocolava

Modern lifestyle demands objects of desire are experimental but not in your face. This series in sofas is at the heart of the metro way of life as it takes the mix-n-match concept to your seating.

Marigold / Eve

Marigold takes the tubby look to a new level by lending it a feminine touch that is both graceful and elegant. Seen best in earthy tones, this series in sofas is a combination of single seaters, side tables and lavish two seaters.

Plum / Baccardi / Broccoli / Genesis

Let retro styles make a comeback in your interiors. This series in sofas lets you relive the yesteryears with a touch of future technologies.


The magical era has always inspired many an artists. This sofa set moulds the essence of comforts and grandeur of the yesteryears in a way that blends in with today's, modern lifestyle.

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