Bella / Ferry / Adams / Garfield

The much renowned British, stiff upper-lip translates itself in to this series that is absolutely shrew and no-nonsense.

Platinum / Ultra / Orchid

Nature has no sharp edges. Then why should your sofa? Specially since it belongs to an industry that thrives on smooth service and great looks. Accentuated by easy curves and ultra-soft materials, this series in sofa goes a long way in keeping the customers happy in the hospitality business.

Colors / Square / Rewards

Chic geometry and a bright color pallette come together to make this series in sofas hot and hit among restaurants, pubs, clubs, lounges; as well as offices that reflect a young and vibrant personality.


This ultra-chic, super plush sofa team lets you strike a pose in that new cocktail dress or catch-up with the who's who of the society. Available in striking colors and sofa variations, this series in sofas also includes square cushions and a puffy.

Smoke / Alamti / Callis

Available in knight black and cigar brown, this series is a masterpiece in leather. The metal railings further add that metallic look that voices sheer glamour.

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