Edu / Combo

These desks showcase a new-age joinery concept. The concept essentially comprises a chair (front) and table (back) jonined together that encourages space saving and mobility.

EDU 02 / EDY / DX 03

These study desks give a whole new dimension to retro seating. Accentuated with metal legs, sleek design and superior finish, they make a classroom look, well like a classroom.

Edu 10 / Edu 17 / Edu 27

Smart and compact, this series in desks is great as single / double seaters for students and teachers, alike. Also notice the board at the front that is especially created for the girls.

EDU 21 / EDU 07 / EDU 18

Arrange them in to the class or put them up in drawing rooms, either ways this series in desks gives conservative desks a new twist. What’s more? Choose from colours to match the indoors and watch them enliven the entire environment.

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