Steelo / Style Series :- Legendary . Classic. Timeless. This array is a reflection of the good old times of solid values and substance. The tan colour, finish and style further add to the aura. While the armrests reassure you of a perfectly relaxed outlook. 

Buro / M. Pixel :- There is nothing quite like a timeless ivory or sophisticated tan look to make a statement. Classic and legendary, this series voices authority in a variety of styles. 

Leo / Esteem :- If you have it , flaunt it. This majestic range is a chic play of black and tan . Much like the King , it offers a Leo- sized cushioned back , firm yet soft armrests, height adjusting gear , wheels.... In other words, it is all taht you ever wanted your chair to be. 

Opal / Flora :- Don't miss the various wide and sleek armrests...or choose from the thoughtfully designed backrests  that offer optimum lumber support...or look at the headrest options. In other words, this array is what turns on the next generation entrepreneurs.

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