Grace / Essential  Series :- For those at the summit, here's a lineage that follows suit. The DIRECTOR's series is a no-nonsense product that reflects sophistication to the hilt. Complimented with a sturdy back rest, steel armrests and easy -glide wheels , it is also great for those competitive corporate presentations , confidential conferences and boardroom battles.

Jury Series:- North , East, West , South . For visionaries who look all around, this series is a perfect match. Gifted with wheels , these chairs also feature a sturdy aluminium bracket for additional back support.  

What's more ? Made from high quality PP, its superior seat & back soothe the back 24 x 7 . Not to forget , are available in cushion and rexine options , that make them appropriate for CEO cabins , meeting zones, boardrooms and excutive workstation, alike.


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