Going The Greener Way



In the present globel scenario where parks are being replaced by malls, jungles by concrete and global warming has become a global warning, even a small contribution towards protecting or nurturing the eco-system could go a long way in saving it for Generation -Next.
Amardeep's constantly endeavors to up the green content of Its products and processes while living -up toils customer requirements of strength, durability, style and cost - efficiency.


Right from using eco-friendly boards and packaging materials, to employing powder coating processes and effective transportation, the company leaves no stone unturned in taking care of Mother Nature.


1) Styling :

A) Longevity :-Amardeep's lays great emphasis on product designs and value additions that result in letting the product stay relevant over decades. A detailed assessment is also done of various raw material properties, process capabilities, usage environment services and maintenance requirements, to achieve optimum performance levels.

2) Manufacturing :

A) Innovative Technologies : Products are designed with durability as weil as their life cycle in mind. Eventually, this goes a long way in raising efficiency in resource and energy use, thereby improving environmental performance. Products are also designed after considering the ease to assemble / disaasemble.

B) Green Manufacturing Amardeep's continuously creates chairs and furniture with minimal wastage, energy consumption and environmental Impact.

C) Powder Coating : Amardeep's has made this a part of Its products, as It is a nontoxic alternative to painting or varnishing. Moreover, It is a 100% VOC free & energy efficient process that results In emissions & residues that are harmless. This also allows recycling as one can retrieve and reuse the powder that fells on the ground.



3) Materials :

A) Boards :  Particle Boards and Medium Density Fiber Boards (MDF) are the best substitutes for solid wood as they are often made from leftover sawdust and lumber scraps. Also, Rubber wood and Eucalyptus are usually used for green boards as they are rapidly renewable sources of wood.

B) Wood : Also for the plywood used inside the chairs for backing and framing are from mango wood, rubber wood and plantation timber. All these are 99% recyclable.

4) Metal and Plastics :

These materials used in the seating systems are either recyclable or created with recyclable materials.

A) Fabric : For chairs and sofas, Arnardeep's prefers pure polyester fabric as it recyclable. Also, it does not pollute ground water like cotton.

B) Adhesives : The glues used are 100% eco-friendly owing to its formaldehyde characteristics.



5) Packaging :

Amardeep's pays Special attention to this step as packaging design could substantially increase or reduce the materials used; thereby impacting the environment. Also, packaging materials are used only In the right proportion so as to prevent loss/damage to the product and Its intended use; and use the right materials in appropriate quantities..

6) Transportation :

Amardeep's has always believed in creating products with minimal wastage, energy consumption and environmental impact. Its manufacturing plants that are fitted for low -impact manufacturing, make this much evident.

A) Top-notch Vehicles  : As Amardeep's uses roadways extensively for transport of goods within the country, vehicles over 8 years are not used to attain maximum efficiency and minimum break downs.

B) Truck Size : Amardeep's allots trucks as per the avaiiabilty of load. So. In case the load is not enough, a smaller sized truck is used or the department waits till the load has formed. Empty trucks are not sent out.

 C) Routes: These are formed on the basis of proximity. All cities falling on a particular route are serviced together. Also. Amardeep's ensures that the most optimized route Is used to avoid fuel wastage and minimal travel distance..