Where do I obtain prices?
Please contact a sales representative as prices vary according to the model and the various features available.
What fabrics/colour do they come in?
Chairs are made to order and therefore the fabric and colour is your choice. For more info. Please send inquiry.
Can I buy direct or do you have a retail shop?
We are manufacturers and sell direct to the customer. You may view our chairs in our showroom which is located at various branches. No appointment is required. Amardeep Chairs staff will be happy to advise you on their products and explain the features that are available.
Do I have to assemble the chair myself?
No all chairs are fully assembled.
What is the turnaround for Delivery?
Amardeep Chairs does offer a delivery service within the metropolitian area at a reasonable rate. Delivery to country areas or interstate may require the chairs to be boxed together with freight costs.
How long does it take to receive my order?
This will vary depending on the volume of orders in the system. Staff at Amardeep Chairs can give you an approximate delivery date at the time of order.